Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Alicia Vikander is the New Lara Croft! It's the Return Of The "Tomb Raider."

Alicia Vikander is the new Lara Croft. The actress steps into the shoes of the female video game protagonist in the Tomb Raider reboot out this month, replacing Angelina Jolie, who starred in two Tomb Raider films in the early oughts.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show recently, Vikander recalled feeling empowered by the character.

"I also grew up in a time when there was none of my girlfriends who played video games," she said. "I was kind of ashamed for doing it."

But when Vikander went to a friend's house and saw Tomb Raider, she was intrigued.

"It was a female protagonist in a video game, and I had never seen that," Vikander recalled. “I was a bit too scared to play the whole game when I was about 10, so I mostly spent time doing the tricks and learning her moves in that manner.”

Years later, Vikander really did have to learn Lara Croft's moves. She spent four months in the gym to get the pixelated character's strong body, but there's still one thing she can't replicate.

Poking fun at the 90's computer graphics, Vikander joked that her "breasts are not as pointy as the first one's."

We're yet to find out if the Tomb Raider reboot is any good or not, or whether it will smash the box office like its predecessors. If it does end up spawning a sequel, star Alicia Vikander is totally up for reprising the role of Lara Croft.

When asked by a fan if she would agree to return if asked, it's safe to she was very enthusiastic.

"Yes, I adored taking on the role of Lara," the actress said in a GameSpot Q&A. "So yeah, we'll see. If there's an audience out there for it, then I would love to."

Vikander also recently opened-up about her incarnation of the character, revealing that this Lara hasn't quite mastered her survival skills in the way of Angelina Jolie's version.

"She has all the fierce, tough, curious, intelligent traits," she explained. "But we've stripped away all of her experience. She hasn't gone on an adventure just yet."

The Oscar-winner also revealed that it will be "quite a different" take on the video game character.
And if that's not enough action for you, in the build-up to Tomb Raider, the makers have created a special escape room in East London that includes "immersive environments", and you can be in with a chance of trying it out for yourself.

Alicia says she felt inspired playing the 'Tomb Raider' video games as a child.

She recalled: "I did not have a Playstation at home, sadly - but with my family friends, the boys in their family had a Playstation.

"I was probably I think around ten-ish when I came there. I remember I looked at the TV screen and I had never seen a girl, a woman being the protagonist in a video game and was thrilled and stood there just watching."

In fact, the Swedish actress admitted the first 'Tomb Raider' game will always mean a lot to her because it made such a lasting impression.

She told Games Radar: "I would say the first 'Tomb Raider' meant a lot, in the sense that I love adventure films, [and here was] a game where I suddenly could go to Egypt, or Atlantis - those were the worlds that I read books about and dreamt to go to when I was a child.

"That will always mean a lot, because I was quite young."

Meanwhile, Alicia also admitted that she could "never compete" with Angelina Jolie when it comes to playing Lara Croft in the 'Tomb Raider' reboot.

She says she isn't trying to "copy" the 42-year-old beauty's portrayal of the iconic character.

"I could never compete with what Angelina did. She made her into an icon because she is an icon. But this is our different interpretation, we're focused on the reboot of the game which came out a few years ago."

"It's the origin story - we're not trying to copy or reinvent what she did."