Thursday, November 8, 2018

Michael B. Jordan is Much More Than an Actor

Michael B. Jordan is more than just an actor, & his rapidly expanding Hollywood portfolio speaks to a performer eager to leave his mark on all sorts of projects. It doesn’t hurt that he’s been inspired by a few of the entertainment industry’s most successful & formidable talents, including LeBron James and JAY-Z.

In a recent story for Vanity Fair, Jordan’s big ambitions are top of mind, including his plan to be, in the words of journalist Joe Hagan, nothing less than “a one-man movie studio whose every move has a dollar sign attached to it & for whom nothing is left to chance.” Jordan is well on his way to that, too, bolstered by “multi-million-dollar endorsement deals, his own production company & a new marketing/consulting start-up in the works.”

He’s currently building out his production company as “an engine for movies and TV shows that will define his brand.” And Jordan is already targeting the up-and-coming talents he wants to grow, plus known quantities he’s eager to work alongside. “I want to create projects for Brad Pitt, but at the same time I want to be able to create a movie for Will Smith, or Denzel, or Lupita, or Tessa,” Jordan told Vanity Fair. “It’s gonna be eclectic. It’s gonna be animation. It’s gonna be non-scripted. It’s gonna be digital. It’s gonna be film, television. It’s gonna be video games.”

Smartly, Jordan’s new on-screen projects will “curate & target TV shows & movies to the same young, multicultural audiences who flocked to ‘Black Panther.'” That kind of synergy springs directly from some of Jordan’s own “sports heroes,” most notably Lakers star LeBron James, who has his own multi-media marketing & branding agency & TV production company. “Whenever I see [James], it’s love, always trying to represent our generation, represent our culture, like, ‘Why not us?,'” said Jordan. “Things don’t have to be the way they’ve always been done. I just happen to do more than just act.”

After best actress Frances McDormand used her Oscar speech to call for the use of inclusion riders, Jordan quickly jumped on the concept & promised that his own productions would adhere to new standards to employ racially & gender-diverse film crews. Within a few months, Jordan had gotten Warner Bros. to institute the use of inclusion riders across the entire studio.

John Krasinski Confirms That He is Currently Writing "A Quiet Place 2"

Actor/poducer/directer John Krasinski has confirmed that he is currently at work writing the highly-anticipated sequel to A Quiet Place.

The former The Office star co-wrote, directed and starred in the acclaimed horror film, which also starred Golden Globe-winning actress and Krasinski’s real-life wife Emily Blunt. The mostly dialogue-free movie follows a family who are constantly on the run from murderous extra-terrestrial creatures – meaning that they have to live their lives in almost complete silence due to the beings’ hyper-sensitive hearing, which they use to hunt.

With a release date already put in place for A Quiet Place 2 – May 15, 2020 (mark your calendars) – Krasinski has now given fans an update on the progress of the sequel, confirming that he is currently writing the script for the follow-up film.

“[The studio] heard some pitches [for the sequel], and I told [producer] Andrew Form about this little idea,” Krasinski said during a Q&A at the Silver Screen Theatre in Los Angeles this week. “And he told me to think about it a little longer. And then I thought, ‘This might really work.’ So, I’m currently writing the sequel.”

Krasinski revealed that he had initially been reluctant to return for a sequel, having told the studio: “Just go do the movie with somebody else.”

We're happy they didn't listen.

James Gunn is Planning a ‘Completely Fresh Take’ On "Suicide Squad 2"

Warner Bros. have announced that James Gunn is planning a ‘completely fresh take’ on Suicide Squad 2, after he was officially attached to the sequel this week.

The former Guardians of the Galaxy director was sacked by Disney in July after a series of controversial tweets allegedly written in the past by Gunn, surfaced online.

This latest update was reported on DC Daily, with Warner Bros. confirming: “It’s official that we have got a new member of the DC family.”

“Acclaimed writer/director James Gunn has been attached to write Suicide Squad 2,” they said. “Gunn is poised to bring a completely fresh take to the franchise after the first film was written and directed by David Ayer.”

Suicide Squad 2 was initially fast-tracked by Warner Bros. following it’s success at the box office but filming has apparently been postponed until 2019, with the Harley Quinn spin-off Birds Of Prey being prioritised by the studio.

Gunn’s appointment swiftly received backing from Dave Bautista, who plays Drax in the hugely popular "Guardians of the Galaxy" series. Bautista previously hit out at Disney for a “smear campaign” behind Gunn’s sacking, and threatened to leave without his involvement.

Little is known how this reboot will take shape and whether the original Suicide Squad cast members Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto will be involved.

Suicide Squad received poor reviews but was a blockbuster at the box office, taking in $750 million worldwide. Reviewing the film, NME wrote: “But really, Suicide Squad pretends to be nothing more than a fun, fast, daft, superhero movie, and it absolutely delivers. It’s much like those old comic pages…great to look at, but if you get a bit too close you can see the gaps between the dots.”