Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New Halloween Earns Franchise’s Highest Rotten Tomatoes Score Since The Original

Director John Carpenter recently teased that the new David Gordon Green-helmed Halloween is the best of the series since the 1978 original, & based on the early reviews for the production, he may even be right.

At the time of writing, Rotten Tomatoes currently has the percentage of positive reviews for the film at a very impressive 93%, based on the opinions of 14 critics. With the exception of a lone ‘rotten’ review from Business Insider, the critics seem largely in agreement that Green has managed to deliver a modern update of the long-running slasher series that does the property justice.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the film’s co-writer Danny McBride expressed his hope that the movie doesn’t ruin too many childhoods, & while critical acclaim & fan adulation don’t always come hand in hand, this early response to the flick’s Toronto International Film Festival premiere is about as good a forecast as we could hope for.

That being said, it’s still worth noting that the most passionate devotees of this decades-spanning horror saga may not share the media’s taste, seeing how the critical consensus has been mixed-to-negative on every other Halloween release since the first film. Many fans of the sequels were also disappointed to hear that the new movie would be disregarding every installment in the series timeline save for the 1978 original. Nonetheless, it’s a move that star Jamie Lee Curtis continues to defend, and apparently didn’t bother the critics too much, either.

Overall, things are looking pretty good for the upcoming Halloween, but you can decide for yourself whether Michael Myers’ long-awaited return was worth all the fuss when the film hits US cinemas on October 19th.

The Original Captain Kirk Thinks Chris Pine’s Doing The Right Thing With Star Trek 4 Film

While there are those who feel that Paramount’s rebooted Star Trek film franchise is not entirely dependent on Chris Pine, you have to admit that it just wouldn’t be the same without him. As the beating heart of the series, we’d be pretty surprised if the studio made a fourth installment without the actor, but that’s now the prospect that they’re facing seeing as he’s walked away from the project due to a salary dispute.

Ditto for Chris Hemsworth, who joined his fellow Chris in departing the next Trek film after Paramount refused to pay the actors what they’d previously agreed upon. That’s not to say things have ground to a halt, though; the studio’s clearly still exploring a possible fourth outing in the Kelvin timeline, they’re just not ready to share any firm details about what comes next for the USS Enterprise crew.

And while it remains to be seen what happens with the Chrises, if you ask the original Captain Kirk, Pine’s doing the right thing by holding out until he gets what he wants. Speaking to, here’s what Williams Shatner had to say about the whole thing:

"Chris is in a wonderful position in that he is so good and such a leading man, that he has many opportunities to explore without being Captain Kirk. So he is in a really good negotiating position. I think he’s doing the right thing in terms of getting more money, as the movies seem to be making a lot of money."

Frankly, Shatner’s right. Even though Beyond wasn’t a massive hit at the box office, $343 million worldwide isn’t anything to scoff at and arguably, interest in the franchise is higher right now than it was back in 2016, thanks to Discovery, the newly announced series for Patrick Stewart and Tarantino’s in-development Trek project. As such, we imagine a fourth installment in the Kelvin timeline would perform pretty well.

So, with that in mind, hopefully Pine will be able to work something out with Paramount so that Star Trek 4 can move forward with Captain Kirk on board the Enterprise. And even if it can’t, there are many who believe that the film doesn’t need the actor to be successful. In fact, just recently, producer Adi Shankar offered up the following:

"Losing Pine and Kirk is not a big deal and kind of cool. Actors don’t matter, stories do. This is the universe presenting an opportunity to do something different and boldly go where no suits have gone before."

Will Thanos And The Black Order Show Up In Captain Marvel?

The genocidal conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War left Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with a real mess on their hands, but in a moment of last-minute resourcefulness, Nick Fury’s final act before turning into dust was to invite the star of next year’s Captain Marvel into the fray.

It seems like a strategically sound move on Fury’s part, given Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s claim that Carol Danvers will be the most powerful character of the MCU thus far, but could there be more to this eleventh hour decision than meets the eye?

That’s what YouTuber Ryan Walsh is suggesting with his new video on the Webhead channel. According to Walsh, Captain Marvel may also be a useful addition to the fight against Thanos because this isn’t the first time the formidable pair have crossed paths, and while it’s largely speculation at this point, there is some noteworthy evidence to back up this theory.

For one thing, there’s the Infinity War Easter egg spotted earlier this year, with Cull Obsidian seen sporting a fabric strikingly similar to the costume of Captain Marvel. That being said, if Carol’s previously battled with Cull and his Black Order associates, it’s apparent that she came away from that conflict alive, implying that Cull could be wearing this material in remembrance of a different but ultimately victorious fight with someone who happened to be dressed very similarly.

Could it be that this supposed Easter egg foreshadows the death of Jude Law’s character Mar-Vell? As Walsh points out, Thanos has been known to clash with Mar-Vell in the comics on multiple occasions. What’s more, the death of Carol’s mentor would certainly up the emotional stakes for our hero, while serving as a loss that she may need a few films to recover from. Lastly, if you want something a little more concrete, the upcoming movie will also see the return of Korath & Ronan of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, placing Carol at most 1 degree of separation away from the Mad Titan himself.

You can decide for yourself whether this all sounds plausible or a bit of a stretch, but with Captain Marvel set to transition into the events of Avengers 4, it’s a safe bet that the highly anticipated flick will find some way of foreshadowing the universe-wide devastation that Carol will have to contend with.

Sylvester Stallone Teases Start Of Production On Rambo 5

Slowly but surely, Rambo 5 is finally falling into place, & we couldn’t be more excited about it.

From what we understand, Sylvester Stallone’s action sequel (codenamed Rambo: Last Blood), will see his beefed-up John Rambo coming up against the Mexican cartel. He won’t be doing so alone, mind you, as a recent synopsis teased that Rambo will be currying favor from an unnamed member of the press as he seeks to dismantle the dangerous trafficking ring responsible for kidnapping his friend’s daughter. Imagine Taken… on steroids.

That’s all well and good, but with fans eager to lay eyes on some footage or even a photo, we’re happy to tell you that production is on the verge of kicking off. That’s according to Stallone himself, who took to Instagram this week to share the photo (on your right), which came with the following caption: Starting soon and getting very excited … The world may be changing but not him. NOTHING IS OVER!

Unfortunately, we don’t know too much more about Rambo 5 than what we outlined above, but this is a franchise with a long history, with the first film – a true action classic, might we add – spawning three more outings, the most recent of which releasing in 2008 when Stallone once again reprised his role as the title lead. As such, we’re hopeful that for what we presume will be the actor’s final outing as the beloved character, the producers have something special cooked up.

Filming on Rambo 5 (Last Blood?) will be getting underway later this month, when Bulgaria and the Spanish Canary Islands will be playing host to Sylvester Stallone’s long-anticipated sequel. A release window is yet to be announced, but we’ll be sure to let you know once we learn more.