Wednesday, June 10, 2020

AMC Theaters Says No Universal Movies Are Currently On Their Docket

You know that familiar Universal Pictures logo? The one where those huge silver letters envelop the Earth? Well, don’t expect to see it at AMC Theaters anytime soon.

Why? Well, because the cinema chain recently announced a blanket ban on all Universal movies, a decision made after the studio declared it would continue to release their films simultaneously via theaters and streaming, even once the social distancing restrictions brought on by COVID-19 were lifted.

Indeed, Universal is looking to explore VOD releases even further in the future, raising major question marks over blockbusters like Fast & Furious 9 and Jurassic World: Dominion – two juggernauts that theaters are no doubt excited to get their hands on. But as of yet, AMC and Universal have yet to make up and though they’re now talking about how to handle the whole thing, the former company still has no plans to show the studio’s films.

“While we are in active dialogue with Universal, no movies made by Universal Studios are currently on our docket,” said AMC."

Still, all hope’s not lost yet, as AMC CEO Adam Aron said that their relationship with Universal remains “warm,” explaining:

“So, look, relations are warm with Universal. They have always been warm and I’m using that as a good word. There’s nothing personal about this issue with Universal. I have great respect for Universal’s executives. It’s just an issue about money. We are in active dialogue with Universal.”

Fair enough, and I guess it’s better than an outright ‘no’ in terms of if they’ll ever screen Universal movies again. After all, they still have time to figure things out, as the next film on the studio’s schedule is crime drama Let Him Go on August 21st. Hopefully by then, the two parties will have made up and sorted this all out. Though with the way it’s looking, streaming may indeed be a more attractive option to many studios moving forward. At least, for some of their releases.