Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tom Hanks Reckons There's No Way Back For Harvey Weinstein After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Tom Hanks thinks there's no way back for Harvey Weinstein after the sexual misconduct allegations.

Talking to BBC News, Hanks described the events as a "watershed moment" in the movie industry & that it is a "sea change."

"His last name will become a noun & verb. It will become an identifying moniker for a state of being for which there was a before & after. We gotta hear from everybody so we understand how vast & how all-encompassing this was," he explained.

"It's all gotta change. Since when has this brand of common decency and professionalism been put on hold just because of sexual dynamics in the workplace? It's inexcusable."

"I think talking about it is the tip of the iceberg. Everybody knows it's been the case. Everybody has stories about some aspect of the 'casting couch'."

Hanks also added he was "not at liberty" to discuss Harvey Weinstein's removal from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences board: "The board of governors, through John Bailey, has to speak with one voice."

Most recently, Quentin Tarantino has acknowledged that he regrets staying quiet about allegations of Weinstein's misconduct for several years.

Weinstein is also simultaneously being investigated by police in Los Angeles, New York City and London over allegations that date as far back as the 1980s. He has "unequivocally" denied all allegations of non-consensual sex.